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Still have questions? Here are the answers:

I have paid via bank transfert and I haven't received anything

If you've paid via bank transfer, you should have received an email which says you order is processing.  We need 3 days maximum you receive the payment. As soon as the payment is valid, you will get a new mail with your ticket or you will be able to download it on our ticket website with your account.

I don't have a printer. What should I do?

No worries, you just have to show you ticket on your smartphone. We will scan the code on it.

I have paid to received my ticket via SMS but I haven't received my ticket.

If you have paid to receive it by sms, you will just have to show the sms code at the entrance (No need to print it).

I just bought a ticket online and I haven't received it my mail.

Do not hesitate to check your "spam mail".  If you haven't received your ticket there, please visit the site and follow the instructions:

How can I pay my pre-sale ticket ?

The payment methods are : Bank transfert, Bancontact, Visa et Mastercard. The  bank and transaction cost are included in the price ticket.

I just bought a ticket and I copied it 3 times in order to invite my friends, is that a good idea ?

No, As soon as the UNIQUE ticket is scanned, the code on it won't be valid a second time. Don't wast paper, do not copy your ticket!

I bought two tickets and on both my name is mentionned is that a problem?

No, you can give your friend the ticket without any problems, we only scan the QR code. The name on the ticket is only useful in case of issues with our scanner.

What are the advantages of an online ticket ?

"Online" ticket are the same as "regular" ticket. It gives you the same access. Online tickets are cheaper and it ables you to avoid the long queues/lines.

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